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Intermediate ESL Conversation Questions: Stress

These ESL questions are for advanced-beginners and intermediate English students. They will help the student discuss the stressors in their life and how they cope with them.

You can see  the full list of ESL conversation questions below, or you can download the printable worksheet here.

Intermediate ESL conversation Questions: Stress
1.    What stresses you most in your life?
2.    Why?
3.    How do you relax when you are stressed?
4.    What 5 things make you feel stressed?
5.    Who makes you feel stressed?
6.    Do you think most people are stressed in their jobs?
7.    Which places do you find stressful?
8.    Do you handle stress well?
9.    Do you think stress is dangerous for our bodies?
10.    When was the last time you felt really stressed?
11.    How stressed do you feel in exams?
12.    Do your friends make you feel relaxed?
13.    Is it normal for people to feel stressed at work?
14.    Is it stressful talking to someone you find attractive?
15.    Do you think life is stressful?
16.    Do you help other people relax when they are stressed?
17.    Do your friends get stressed easily?



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