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Intermediate English Conversation Questions: Hobbies, Likes, Interests

There are many ways to ask someone about their hobbies and interests. The questions here will help the intermediate ESL student in asking open and closed questions about what people do in their free time. As usual, you can use the list below or you can download the printable question sheet here

Conversation Questions: Hobbies, Likes & Interests
1.    What do you do in your free time?
2.    Why do you like that?
3.    How often do you do it?
4.    What were your hobbies when you were younger?
5.    What type of music do you like?
6.    Why do you like that?
7.    What type of movies do you like?
8.    Why?
9.    What subject do you find interesting?
10.    Why do you find that interesting?
11.    What hobbies would you like to do but can’t?
12.    What does your best friend find interesting?
13.    Do you and your friends do any hobbies together?
14.    Which countries do you find interesting?
15.    Why do they interest you?
16.    What type of person interests you? (Shy, confident, sad etc.)
17.    Why?
18.    What hobbies seem boring to you?
19.    Why do they seem boring?
20.    Do you like computer games?
21.    Which computer games do you play?
22.    Do you like reading?
23.    What is your favourite book?
24.    Which singers do you like now?
25.    Which singers did you like when you were younger?
26.    What are your parents’ hobbies?
27.    Can you guess what my hobbies are?
28.    Do you think it’s important to have hobbies?
29.    Why?
30.    What do you think your hobbies will be in the future?
31.    Do you think space is interesting?
32.    Why?
33.    Do you think science is interesting?
34.    Why?
35.    Do you think English is interesting?



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