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Intermediate English Conversation Questions: Future – Will, going to

Learning about future expressions in English can be difficult for an intermediate ESL student. Knowing intuitively whether to use ‘will’ or ‘going to’ is difficult enough, but then learning about the present continuous in future expression really makes things difficult. These conversation questions will hopefully help the student, through repetition, to get a better feeling for how to express the future in English. For the printable download please click here.

Conversation Questions:

  1. What are going to do tonight?
  2. What are you going to do this weekend?
  3. Where are you going on vacation next year?
  4. What are you doing tomorrow?
  5. When are you going to eat dinner?
  6. Will you go to university in the future?
  7. Will you travel when you are older?
  8. Will you lend me some money?
  9. Where will you live in the future?
  10. Why will you live there?
  11. What will you eat for dinner tonight?
  12. When are you going to do your homework?
  13. What time will you arrive home today?
  14. Will you marry when you are in your 20s?
  15. Will you do a lot of exercise when you are older?
  16. When are you going to exercise next?
  17. Who will make your dinner tonight?
  18. How will you celebrate your birthday this year?
  19. What job will you do in the future?
  20. When are you going to see your friends next?
  21. Which countries will you visit in the future?
  22. When will you go to the dentists next?
  23. How are you going to get good grades in your exam?
  24. How are you going to get home from school?
  25. When will you move out of your parents’ home?
  26. What are you going to do on Wednesday night?
  27. What are you going to do on Monday morning?
  28. What time will you go to sleep tonight?
  29. When are you going to see your boyfriend/girlfriend next?
  30. Are you going to watch TV tonight?
  31. Are you going to do your homework this week?
  32. Are you going to a music concert this month?


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