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I’m planning to…ESL Worksheet – Printabel English Activity

This English worksheet will help students learn ‘I’m planning to…’ This is a printable worksheet where students make sentences using a battleships game. This activity will help the student reinforce their knowledge of the target language.


Andy: Hi Steve! What are you planning to do Wednesday afternoon?

Steve: I’m planning to meet my friends at Paris Baguette

Andy: Sounds good. On Monday morning I’m planning to play soccer. Do you want to play?

Steve: Sorry, I can’t. I’m planning to visit my grandparents.

Andy: That’s a shame. What about Friday afternoon? I’m going to the movies with some friends. Do you want to come?

Steve: I’d love to. I’m free on Friday afternoon.

Andy: Great! Do you have any other plans this week?

Steve: Sure. On Tuesday and Thursday morning I’m planning to study English. On Monday afternoon I’m planning to skate with my brother. On Wednesday morning I have to go to the dentist. The rest of the time I’m free.

You can download this ESL Worksheet in Word format or PDF:

I’m planning to… ESL Worksheet PDF

I’m planning to… ESL Worksheet .DOC

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