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ESL Conversation Questions: Weather & Seasons

Weather and seasons vocabulary is taught very early on in the ESL students life. These questions can help them expand their conversation skills so they can indulge in the weather small-talk that most people participate in.

The questions are below but you may also download the printable English worksheet here.

Conversation Questions:  The Weather & Seasons
1.    What’s the weather like today?
2.    What is your favorite type of weather?
3.    Why?
4.    What do you think the weather is like in Australia now?
5.    What about Russia?
6.    What do you usually do when it’s raining?
7.    Do you feel comfortable in hot weather?
8.    What do you usually do during summer?
9.    Where do you usually go on vacation?
10.    What do you usually do in the winter?
11.    Which season is best for hiking?
12.    Do you ever go to the beach when it’s sunny?
13.    Which type of weather scares you? Why?
14.    What is your favorite season?
15.    Why?
16.    Can you name 10 different types of weather in English?
17.    What do you think the weather is like in England during the summer?
18.    Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
19.    Have you ever seen a tornado?
20.    Would you like to be a storm chaser?
21.    Why?
22.    Do you think weather forecasts are accurate?
23.    Why?
24.    What do you usually wear when it’s hot?
25.    What do you usually wear when it’s raining?
26.    Which country do you think has the perfect weather?
27.    Why?


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