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ESL COnversation Questions: Technology, Computers, ipods & Gadgets

It’s almost impossible to escape from technology nowadays. The younger generations seem to thrive on new technology. Some students spend more time on their computers than they do socializing with other people. These English conversation questions will surely interest the young intermediate ESL student.

The questions can be seen below and you can download the English question sheet here.

Conversation Questions:  Technology, Computers, ipods & Gadgets
1.    Are you interested in new technology?
2.    Why?
3.    Does technology scare you?
4.    What is your favorite piece of technology?
5.    Do you have an ipad?
6.    Would you like an ipad?
7.    How often do you use a computer?
8.    Do you have a camera phone?
9.    How often do you use the camera?
10.    Do you have a DSLR camera?
11.    Do you have a laptop?
12.    What is the most important thing about laptops?
13.    Which technology company do you prefer?
14.    Do you think every house will have a robot in the future?
15.    Would you feel comfortable having a robot?
16.    Would you like to live in a society without technology?
17.    Do you think the ipod was a good invention?
18.    Why?
19.    Do you have an ipod/iphone?
20.    What is your favorite app?
21.    How many songs do you have on your ipod?
22.    What is the most expensive piece of technology in your house?
23.    Do you think the Internet was a good invention?
24.    Why?
25.    What are some bad points of the Internet?
26.    What is a gadget?
27.    Do you have any fun gadgets that aren’t very useful?
28.    Could you live comfortably without your cell phone?
29.    What is the most important invention in the world?
30.    Why?
31.    Do you think it is important to explore space?
32.    Why?
33.    What are some bad points of technology?
34.    Do you think technology could destroy the earth?

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