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ESL conversation Questions: Mysteries (Ghosts, Aliens, Bigfoot & the Lochness Monster)

Just about everyone is drawn towards the mysterious, no matter how incredulous. This list of English conversation questions will surely excite the imagination of the students and help them re-enforce already studied structures. The full list if conversation questions are below and you can also download the full list here.

Conversation questions: Mysteries
1.    What is a mystery?
2.    Can you tell me some mysteries?
3.    Have you heard of the Lochness Monster?
4.    Do you think it’s real?
5.    Why?
6.    Do you believe in ghosts?
7.    Why?
8.    Does your country have any famous mysteries?
9.    Can you tell me about them?
10.    What do you think about them?
11.    What are aliens?
12.    Do you believe aliens exist?
13.    Have you heard of Bigfoot?
14.    What do you know about it?
15.    Do you think it’s real?
16.    Which mysteries do you think are real?
17.    Are you interested in learning about different mysteries?
18.    Why?
19.    Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle?
20.    What do you think about it?
21.    Do you enjoy reading mystery novels?
22.    Do you like listening to ghost stories?
23.    Why?
24.    Would you be scared if you saw a ghost?
25.    What would you do?
26.    What would you do if you met an alien?
27.    Would you like it if the Lochness Monster was real?
28.    Why?


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