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ESL Conversation Questions – How do you find it?

This set of English questions helps to re-enforce the use of ‘How do you find x?’, ‘which/what/who do you find interesting?’, and ‘do you find x interesting?’ ESL students can greatly benefit from using these conversation questions with each other. Repetition is vital to internalizing the structure.

As usual, below you can see the full list of questions, but you may also download the ESL question sheet here.

Conversation Questions:  Do you find…
1.    Do you find space interesting?
2.    Why?
3.    Which subject do you find interesting?
4.    Why do you find it interesting?
5.    Which subject do you find boring?
6.    Why do you find it boring?
7.    What movie did you find funny?
8.    Why did you find it funny?
9.    What movie did you find exciting?
10.    Why did you find it exciting?
11.    What movie did you find scary?
12.    Why did you find it scary?
13.     Which country do you find mysterious?
14.    Why do you find it mysterious?
15.    Which family member do you find most generous?
16.    Why do you find them generous?
17.    Which teacher do you find strict?
18.    Why do you find them strict?
19.    In your life, who do you find inspiring?
20.    Why do you find them inspiring?
21.    What do you find most difficult when learning English?
22.    Which song do you find romantic?
23.    Which actor do you find good looking?
24.    Why do you find them good looking?
25.    Which car do you find most beautiful?
26.    Why do you find it beautiful?
27.    Which friend do you find funny?
28.    Why do you find them funny?
29.    Which friend do you find annoying?
30.    Why do you find them annoying?
31.    Which friend do you find generous?
32.    Why do you find them generous?
33.    How do you find Harry Potter?
34.    Why?
35.     How do you find Rock and Roll music?
36.    Why?
37.    How do you find history?
38.    Why?
39.    How do you find your art teacher?
40.    Why?


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