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ESL Conversation Questions: Environment, Animals, Climate Change & Renewable Energy

These conversation questions are for advanced ESL students. They get to the heart of what the student thinks about important matters, such as the environment, animal cruelty, climate change & renewable energy.

The English conversation questions can ben seen below or you can download the printable question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Environment, Animal Cruelty,  Climate Change & Renewable Energy
1.    Do you recycle?
2.    Do you try to save energy?
3.    How do you save energy?
4.    Do you think it’s important to protect the environment?
5.    Do you believe global warming is real?
6.    Does the idea of global warming scare you?
7.    Is it illegal to litter in your country?
8.    Do you parents think it’s important to take care of the environment?
9.    Do you think your country is clean?
10.    What types of renewable energy exists?
11.    Do you think solar panels are a good idea?
12.    How can we reduce smog?
13.    Do you think it’s impossible to save the planet?
14.    Why?
15.    Do you think we will eventually live on a different planet?
16.    Do you think there are too many people in the world?
17.    Why?
18.    How do you feel when you see someone litter?
19.    Do you litter?
20.    Do you think the earth with experience a new ice age?
21.    What do you think about deforestation (i.e. chopping down forests)?
22.     How do you feel about animal cruelty?
23.    Do you think there is much animal cruelty in your country?
24.    Do you think it’s cruel to keep animals as pets?
25.    The Japanese hunt whales. How do you feel about that?
26.    In Africa, many elephants and gorillas are killed because parts of them can be sued as ornaments. What do you think about that?
27.    What do you think about testing cosmetic products on animals?
28.    Do you think keeping animals in zoos is okay?
29.    Why?

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