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ESL Conversation Questions – Discussing TV

Like movies and music, people love to talk about TV – ESL students are no different. This list of English conversation questions will help them to discuss it more freely. As usual, the full list of conversation can be found below, or you can download them here.

Conversation Questions: Discussing TV

1.    What’s your favorite TV program?
2.    Why do you like it?
3.    Do you watch TV often?
4.    How long do you watch TV for each day?
5.    Do your parents ever stop you watching TV?
6.    Do you watch any programs together with your family?
7.    Can you name 5 different types of TV programmes?
8.    What type of shows do you like?
9.    Why?
10.    Would you like to be on TV?
11.    Why?
12.    Have you ever been on TV?
13.    Do you have a big TV at home?
14.    What are the most famous TV programs in your country?
15.    Do you watch programs from other countries?
16.    Which TV programs do you find boring?
17.    Who is your favorite actor?
18.    Do you have a big or small TV?
19.    Do you have a flat screen TV?
20.    Would you like to have a 3D TV?
21.    Which do you prefer, watching TV or reading?
22.    Are there any programs you’re not allowed to watch?
23.    How many channels can you get at home?
24.    What are the soap operas like in your country?
25.    Do foreign shows have subtitles or are they dubbed?
26.    What shows did you like when you were younger?
27.    Do you find it easy to fall asleep in front of the TV?

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