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English Worksheets, Activities & Games: Farm Animals

These websites can be used to help you with teaching farm animal vocabulary to people.

Simple ESL Activities:


ESL Activities from Other Sites

    • These 16 flash cards are can be printed for free.
    • There is interactive learning for young children where they can learn about farm animals and see pictures of them.
    • Worksheets and activities to help teach children farm animal names.
    • Farm animal cruelty glossary could be useful when teaching adults. This topic could be used as a discussion.
    • Farm habitat information. Pictures and animal fact sheets.

    • Online talking animal ebook. This 8 page book is good for young children and teaches the sounds farm animals make.
    • Video teaching animal names and “What’s your favourite animal?” for children.
    • A lesson plan for teaching children animal names and the sounds they make.
    • Two ‘On the Farm’ lesson plans.
    • Farm animal worksheets for children of all ages. This includes colouring worksheets and writing practice.
    • Farm animal wordsearches and crossword puzzle.
    • Old MacDonald Had a Farm song on Youtube.
    • Animal Farm game for children to practice animal names.
    • Farm animal online hangman game. Just click on ‘Farm Animals & Meat’ under the ‘For ESL Students’ section.
    • Printable farm animal memory game cards.
    • Printable farm animal bingo cards.
    • Worksheets for teaching about farm animals.

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