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English (ESL) Worksheets

This is the English worksheets section. The ESL worksheets are ordered by difficulty and then alphabetically. This is an ever growing section that will be comprised of many different types of activities. If you have any worksheets you’d like to donate, or any suggestions then please feel free to contact us.

Beginner English Worksheets

Adjectives Draw a Word Activity

Adverbs of Frequency – Making Sentences

Adverbs of Manner Worksheet – Multiple Choice

Adverbs of Time  –Writing

After a Vacation – Survey Activity

Age Speaking & Unscrambling Activity

Alphabet ESL Writing Worksheet

Animals – Draw the Word

Appearances & Describing People – Word Unscramble Activity

Are There Is There

Articles A and An ESL – Printable English Fill in the Blanks Activity

Bedroom Vocabulary  – Multiple Choice

Birds Vocabulary  – Picture Matching

Book Report – Writing Activity

Bugs and Insects  -  Word Unscramble

Clothes Vocabulary – Spelling

Colors  – Writing Activity

Computer Parts Vocabulary PowerPoint


Days of the Week

Demonstrative Pronouns

Dream Bedroom Design Activity

Giving Directions

Farm Animals – Draw the Word

Fashion Designing Activity

Favourite things – Find Someone Who

Flowers Matching Exercise

Food -  Find the Word

Fruit – Word Chop Activity

Future Tense Going to

Gardening Labelling Activity

Greetings – Fill in the Blanks

Health Advice – Fill in the Blanks

House / Home

How Many Are there?


Letter to Santa – Writing Activity

Living Room Matching Worksheet

Machines – Fill in the Blanks Activity

Makeup & Cosmetics Gap Fill Worksheet

Months Vocabulary  – Survey

Nationalities  – Survey

Opposites – Word Matching

Part-time Jobs Matching Worksheet

My Pencil Case Fill in the Blanks

Personal Pronouns

Phobias / Fears – Multiple Choice Activity

Phonics – Matching Activity

In the Playground Mini Book Making

Possessive Adjectives – Fill in the Blanks

Possessive Pronouns – Writing and Word Search

Prepositions of Location  – Fill in the Blanks

Prepositions of Location  – Fill in the Blanks 2 - sent in by a reader

Present Continuous – Make a Sentence

Recess / Playtime Activities

Rhyming Words – Find the Word Multiple Choice Activity

Rules and Taboos

School Subjects Matching Worksheet

Seasons Vocabulary – Find the Word

Shapes Writing Practice

Simple Present Tense – printable Worksheet

Subject Pronouns

Superlatives Worksheet

Supernatural & Ghosts Matching Activity

Television Information Gap Activity

Telling the time

Thanksgiving – Fill in the Blanks Worksheet

There is There are English


Valentine’s Day Matching Activity

Vegetarianism – Find the Word Worksheet

Weekends Find Someone Who Activity

Will You Do Me a Favor –


Intermediate English Worksheets

Addiction Matching Worksheet

Adverbs of Degree (Quantity)  – Unscramble

Agree/Disagree  – Jumble

Annoying Habits – Find Someone Who

April Fool’s Day – Prank Writing Activity

Bad Habits – Find Someone Who Activity

Charity – Group Discussion

Comparatives – Make a Sentence

Complaining in a Restaurant – Group Work

Creative Writing Worksheet

Cultures ESL Worksheet – English Discussion

Customs & Traditions Matching Activity

Dating Discussion

Don’t take it so hard

Do you know where…is?

Do you mind if…?

Dreams & Nightmares

Earthquakes Fill in the Blanks

Exhibits & Museums Survey

Fair/Not Fair/Unfair

Fairy Tales and Fantasy Word Search

Future Tense Going to – Printable English Writing Activity

Gestures – English Discussion

Giving Opinions – Reading & Understanding

Goals – New Year’s Resolutions Worksheet

Gossip & Rumors – Group Activity

Government – Matching Worksheet

Have you heard of…?

Homophones – Fill in the Blanks Activity

How Long? – Make a Sentence Activity

How Often? – Find Someone Who

I shouldn’t have – Matching

Ice Breaker – Find someone who

I’m Planning to… – Writing

I’m Really Upset – Jumbled Sentences

Internet Searching & Writing Activity

It will be nice to…

It will be…to…

Manners – Make a Sentence Activity

Movies Vocabulary E

Music – Matching Activity

Must (Modal)


Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) Fill in the Blanks Activity

Photography Unscramble Activity

Phrasal Verbs Fill in the Blanks Activity

Planning a Trip Pair Activity

Possessive Pronouns

Prohibition Signs Matching Worksheet

Promises Writing Worksheet

Relative Clauses

Religion – Group Writing Activity

Restaurants & Eating Out

Road & Traffic Signs Multiple Choice Worksheet

Rules and Taboos

Science – Animal Classification

Shopping List Activity

Simple Future Tense

Smoking – Creating an Advert Activity

Socialising / Socializing

Sorry, But I have to go now

Spring Flowers – Poem Writing

Stereotypes – Group Discussion Worksheet

St. Patrick’s Day ESL Worksheet

Tell Me About…Your Interests

To be interested in…

Volunteer Work Activity

What do you like to do?

What do you think of…?

What if..? Writing Activity

What would you do if…?

What’s wrong?

When did you first..? – Survey

When was the last time..? – Survey

Will You Do Me a Favor

World Population

Would like to


Advanced English Worksheets

Advertising – Writing

Art – Writing

Beauty – Discussion

Body Image Discussion Activity

Charity – Group Discussion

Corruption – English Discussion


Culture Shock Speaking Activity

Dating Discussion

Dieting Pair Activity

Gambling – English Debate

Gender Roles – Partner Discussion

Gestures – English Discussion

Humor – Joke Writing Activity

Hypothetical Situations Make a Sentence Activity

Idioms – Writing Activity

If You Were..? Question Sheet

Job Interview Practice Worksheet

Jokes – Reading & Writing Activity

Politics: Political Systems

Poverty – Pair Discussion Worksheet

Prejudice – Discussion Activity

Racism – Speaking Activity

Radio Show Activity

Retirement – Writing Activity

Secrets – Writing & Mingling Activity

Social Media Discussion Activity

University Essay Activity

Weight Loss – Partner Discussion