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English (ESL) Role Play: Telephone Call & Making Plans

This English role play has three separate scenarios and is designed for high-beginner to intermediate ESL students:

You can also download the printable role play here.

Beginner English (ESL) Role Play – Phone call

Three scenarios for your students to practice making phone calls
Not in:
David: Hi! Can I speak to Jen, please?
Jen’s Mother: She’s not in right now. Who’s speaking?
David: It’s David. Can you please tell her that I’ll call again later.
Jen’s Mother: Yeah, I’ll tell her.
David: Thanks.
Jen’s Mother: No problem. Bye!
David: Bye!
Making Plans:
David: Hi! Is Jen there?
Jen’s Mother: Yeah, I’ll go get her.
Jen: Hi, this is Jen.
David: Hi Jen, it’s David. What are you doing tonight?
Jen: Nothing, why?
David: Do you want to go to the movies?
Jen: Sure, what time?
David: Let’s meet at 7 outside the cinema.
Jen: Okay, see you then.
David: See you.

Wrong Answer:
David: Hi! Can I speak to Jen, please?
Old Man: Jen? Sorry, I think you have the wrong number?
David: Oh, I’m really sorry.
Old Man: No problem. Bye!
David: Bye!

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