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English (ESL) Role Play – At The Police Station

You can also download this English Role Play here.

Scenario one – stolen wallet

Victim: Officer, I’d like to report a crime.

Police: Can you tell me what happened?

Victim: I was in the market when somebody pick-pocketed me and stole my wallet.

Police: Can you describe the person who stole your wallet?

Victim: Yes, it was a slim man, about 180cm tall with short, brown hair.

Police: What was in the wallet?

Victim: A credit card, $65, my driving licence and my house keys.

Police: What time did this happen?

Victim: About 2pm.

Police: Were there any witnesses?

Victim: I don’t think so.

Police: Can you please fill out this form, and leave your contact details.

Victim: Okay. Do you think you can get my wallet back?

Police: Unfortunately it’s very unlikely. Here is your police reference number. If you call us please tell us this number. Thanks.


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