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English (ESL) Role Play – At The Cinema (Movies)

This English role play will help high-beginner to intermediate ESL students practice going to the cinema (movies).

You can download the role play here.

Scenario one – Asking for tickets
Customer: Two tickets for  ________________ please.
Worker: Okay. Where would you like to sit?
Customer: Somewhere in the middle please.
Worker: That’s $20 please.
Customer: Okay, here you go.
Worker: Thank you. Here are your tickets.
Customer: Thanks.

Scenario two – Sold Out
Customer: Two tickets for ________________ please.
Worker: I’m sorry, _________________ is sold out.
Customer: Okay, what about _______________?
Worker: There are still seats available for __________________.
Customer: Okay, two tickets please.

Scenario three – Buying Popcorn
Customer: 2 popcorns please.
Worker: Large or small?
Customer: Large please.
Worker: That’s $6.
Customer: Thanks.

Scenario four – Rude Customer
Customer: Excuse me; please can you keep it down?
Rude Customer: Okay, sorry.

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