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English (ESL) Puzzles

This page contains all of the available ESL Puzzles we have. This section is constantly being add to. The English puzzles we currently have are crosswords, word searches, jigsaws, & cryptograms.

Beginner English Puzzles

Adverbs of Frequency Jigsaw

Adverbs of Quantity Word Search

Adverbs of Time Crossword

Appearances & Describing People Jigsaw

Bedroom Vocabulary Word Search

Body Parts Word Search

Can & Can’t Cryptogram

Christmas – Word Search

Cleaning Vocabulary Word Search

Countries and Flags – Word Search

Drinks – Word Search

Environment – Word Search

Family Crossword Activity

Furniture Crossword Worksheet

Healthy Lifestyle Word Search

How can I get to…? Asking for Directions ESL Cryptogram

Kitchen Word Search

Love Word Search

Natural Disasters

Nature Crossword

Object Pronouns


Pets Crossword Activity

Possessive Pronouns Writing and Word Search

School Rooms Crossword

Sea Animals Vocabulary Word Search

Senses Word Search

Simple Past Tense Crossword

Solar System Word Search

Sports Vocabulary ESL Word Search

Summer Vocabulary Word Search

Toys Word Search Activity

Vegetables Cryptogram

Intermediate English Puzzles

Adjectives Crossword

Adverbs of Manner Crossword

Animals Crossword

Architecture Cryptogram

Buildings and Places Crossword

Can you tell me why…? Cryptogram

Crime Word Search

Do you mind if…?  Word search

Environment Word Search

Fairy Tales & Fantasy

Giving Compliments Word Search

Have you heard of…?  Crossword

History Word Search

Honesty – ESL Cryptogram

I’m planning to… Word Search

I shouldn’t have Cryptogram

It will be…to… Word Search

Myths & Legends Word Search

Personality Word Search

Possessive Pronouns Writing and Word Search

Punishment Crossword

Technology – Computer Word Search

Vacation Printable Word Search Puzzle

Advanced English Puzzles

Drinking Alcohol Crossword Puzzle