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English (ESL) Games

Welcome to our English Games section. We add to this section regularly so feel free to check back often. If you have any ESL Games you’d like to send us then please get in contact.

ESL Games For Beginners

Adjectives Board Game

Animals – Spinner Activity

Bathroom Spinner Game

Bedroom – Coin Flick

Birds Vocabulary – Bingo

Birthday Vocabulary – Die Game

Can & Can’t – Battleships

Can You…?

Can You…? Tic Tac Toe

Chores – Board Game

Classroom Items – Coin Flick

Dining Room – Dice Game

Do You Like..? – Battleships

Easter -  Bingo

Embedded Questions

Entertainment – Battleships Game

Feelings and Emotions – Coin Flick

Halloween – Snakes & Ladders

Hobbies – Board Game

How much is it? – Coin Flick

Indirect Questions

Introductions – Pair Game Cards

I want to (+verb)- Board Game

I would like to buy/I’d like to buy

Jobs and Occupations ESL Battleships

Likes and Dislikes Pair Game

Money – Board Game

Numbers Coin Flick

Parties Bingo

Plural Nouns Coin Flick

School Supplies Bingo Game

Shopping Vocabulary Coin Flick

Telepathy Game

Tools Board Game

Weather – Bingo Game

Weather ESL -  Snakes & Ladders

ESL Games For Intermediate Learners

Adverbs of Degree (Quantity) ESL Die Game

Adverbs of Frequency Ladder Game

Adverbs of Manner – Coin Flick

Adverbs of Time – Snakes and Ladders

Appearances & Describing People Ladder Game

Can you tell me why/when/where/what  – tic-tac-toe

Celebrity Guessing Game – Who Am I?

Comics & Superheroes  – Pair Game

Daily Routines – English Battleships

Did you find it…? Board Game

Giving Advice

Have You Ever…?  Bingo

Have you heard of…? Board Game

Have you heard of…?  Crossword

I shouldn’t have

I think you should

I’d like to buy Coin Flick Activity

Lies Guessing Game

Looking for…  Coin Flick

Question Words Snakes and Ladders

Passive Voice Board Game

Present Perfect Bingo

Tag Questions – Board Game

Visiting a Doctor Role Play

What would you do if…? Coin Flick

Would Like to (+verb) Board Game

Would You Ever..? Bingo Game

ESL Games For Advanced Learners

Celebrity Guessing Game – Who Am I?

What would you say if..? Question Game