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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Would you prefer to…?

This list of English conversation questions will help the beginner to intermediate ESL student practice ‘would you prefer to…?’

You can also download the question sheet here.

English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Would you prefer to…?

1.    Would you prefer to play football or baseball? Why?
2.    Would you prefer to eat ice cream or apples? Why?
3.    Would you prefer to go to France or America? Why?
4.    Would you prefer to speak Italian or Chinese? Why?
5.    Would you prefer to watch a comedy movie or an action movie? Why?
6.    Would you prefer to drink tea or coffee? Why?
7.    Would you prefer to be rich or poor? Why?
8.    Would you prefer to live in your country or a different one? Why?
9.    Would you prefer to watch TV or play computer games? Why?
10.    Would you prefer to have a dog or a cat as a pet? Why?
11.    Would you prefer to spend time with your friends or your family? Why?
12.    Would you prefer to exercise or relax? Why?
13.    Would you prefer to work in an office or outside? Why?
14.    Would you prefer to watch a movie on TV or at the cinema?
15.    Would you prefer to stay up late or go to sleep early?

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