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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: War & Fighting

This collection of English conversation questions is designed for the intermediate ESL student to discuss war and fighting.

You can also download the full list of questions here.

Conversation Questions: War & Fighting
1.    How do you feel about war?
2.    Why do you feel like that?
3.    Do you think war is sometimes necessary?
4.    Why?
5.    What wars do you know of?
6.    Which is the most famous war?
7.    When was the most recent war that your country was in?
8.    What happened?
9.    In the past, who was your country’s biggest enemy?
10.    Why?
11.    Do you know about any wars that are happening right now?
12.    Can you tell me about them?
13.    Does your country have any famous war heroes?
14.    What did they do to become famous?
15.    How would you feel if you had to fight in a war?
16.    Have you ever shot a gun? Can you tell me more about it?
17.    Have you ever had a fight?
18.    How do you feel about fighting?
19.    Do you like watching fighting on TV, like boxing or martial arts?
20.    Have you ever done martial arts?
21.    Are there many fights in your school?
22.    How do your parents feel about fighting?
23.    Have you ever fought with your friends?
24.    Is fighting the best way to deal with bullies?
25.    Why do boys fight more than girls?


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