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English (ESL) Conversation Questions – Talking About Music

Music is a wonderful tool in the English classroom, but it’s even more important in everyday life. Other than simply enjoying music, we use it to identify with others and it constitutes a large part of our own identity. ESL students love to talk about music and share their tastes with you. Hopefully these ESL questions will help them to do that more fluently.

You can see the questions below, but if you wish, you can download the printable ESL question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Music

1.    Who’s your favorite singer?
2.    Why do you like them?
3.    Who’s your favorite band?
4.    Why do you like them?
5.    Who do you think has the best voice?
6.    What type of music do you like?
7.    Why do you like that type of music?
8.    Do you like ballads?
9.    What do you think of classical music?
10.    Can you play an instrument?
11.    What do you think of rock and roll?
12.    Have you ever been to a concert?
13.    Who did you see?
14.    Which song was the best and why?
15.    What is your favorite song?
16.    Why is that your favorite song?
17.    How often do you listen to music?
18.    Have you ever been to a music festival?
19.    Can you sing well?
20.    Do you think the music in your country is good?
21.    Which country produces the best music?
22.    Who do you think is the best looking singer?
23.    Is music important in your life?
24.    Which movie do you think has the best soundtrack?
25.    Why is music so important to people?
26.    Can you name 7 different musical genres?

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