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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: School Rules & Parents’ Rules

This list of English conversation questions will help ESL students talk about the rules that their parents give them, as well as school rules.

You can also download the full list here.

English (ESL) Conversation Questions: School Rules & Parents’ Rules

  1. Can you tell me 5 rules your school has?
  2. Which rules do you agree with and why?
  3. Which rules don’t you agree with and why?
  4. Who is your strictest teacher?
  5. What do they do?
  6. Who is your least strict teacher?
  7. Are you allowed to sleep in any of your classes?
  8. Do you think teenagers need rules?
  9. What happens if someone is caught smoking in your school?
  10. Are your parents strict?
  11. Are you allowed to stay out late?
  12. What time do you have to go home at night?
  13. What would happen if you broke one of your parents’ serious rules?
  14. Can you play computer games for a long time?
  15. Do your parents have any rules about studying?
  16. Are your friends’ parents strict?
  17. Do your parents let you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?


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