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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: School Life

These English conversation Questions are designed for intermediate ESL students still at school.

You can download the fill printable question list here.

Conversation Questions: School
1.    Which school do you go to?
2.    How do you feel about school?
3.    Why?
4.    What is your favorite subject?
5.    Why?
6.    Who is your favourite teacher?
7.    Why?
8.    Do any teachers inspire you?
9.    What is your worst subject?
10.    Why?
11.    Which teacher do you dislike?
12.    Why?
13.    What 5 changes would you make to the school if you could?
14.    Is your school big?
15.    How many students go to your school?
16.    When will you graduate from school?
17.    If you could choose, would you go to a different school?
18.    Would you like to study abroad?
19.    Are there many bullies in your school?
20.    What is the best thing about going to school?
21.    Why?
22.    Do you get much homework?
23.    Are you a good student?
24.    Do you get good grades?
25.    What do you think the teachers think of you?
26.    Which subject do you find easy?
27.    Which subject do you think will not be useful in your life?
28.    How many students are in your classes?

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