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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Religion and Spiritualism

This list of English conversation questions will help intermediate to advanced ESL students discuss the difficult topic of religion and spiritualism.

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Conversation Questions: Religion & Spiritualism
1.    Are you religious?
2.    What do you believe?
3.    Why?
4.    Which feels right for you; science and evidence, or religion and faith?
5.    Have you ever had any spiritual experiences?
6.    How do you feel when you go to religious sites?
7.    Do you think Buddha was a real person?
8.    If you God exists, what does he/she look like?
9.    Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
10.    What do you think of atheists?
11.    Why?
12.    What do you think of people with extreme religious views?
13.    Why?
14.    What do you think of the theory of evolution?
15.    Why?
16.    Do you pray? If so, how often?
17.    Do you think religion helps people be kinder?
18.    Why?
19.    Do you think governments use religion to control people?
20.    Why?
21.    Do you believe in ghosts?
22.    Why?
23.    Do you believe in speaking to the dead?
24.    Why?
25.    Would you ever visit a psychic?
26.    Why?
27.    Do you have many friends with different religious beliefs to you?
28.    Have you ever had an argument about religion?
29.    If so, can you explain what happened?

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