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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Present Perfect – Have you ever…?

The present perfect, although used in many other languages, is particularly difficult for some citizens in the East. These ESL conversation questions may give them the practice necessary to improve their confidence with the structure.

The English questions are below but can also be download here.

Conversation Questions: Present Perfect
1.    Have you ever met a famous person?
2.    Who?
3.    Have you ever eaten dog?
4.    Did you like it?
5.    Have you ever been to America?
6.    Have you seen Harry Potter?
7.    What did you think of it?
8.    Have you ever drunk beer?
9.    Did you like it?
10.    What have you done this week?
11.    Who have you seen today?
12.    Where have you been today?
13.    Have you ever practiced martial arts?
14.    Have you ever listened to Beethoven?
15.    Did you like it?
16.    Have you ever seen a ghost?
17.    Have you studied anything today?
18.    What have you eaten today?
19.    Have you ever cried watching a movie?
20.    Have you ever played cricket?
21.    Can you tell me 3 good things you have achieved in your life?
22.    Can you tell me 3 things you haven’t done but would like to?
23.    Can you tell me 3 things you have done but didn’t enjoy?

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