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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Politics

These English conversation questions are for advanced ESL students who have an interest in discussing politics

You can download the printable question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Politics
1.    Which political system do you think is the most beneficial to all people?
2.    What are your thoughts on democracy?
3.    What are the benefits of democracy?
4.    What do you think of communism?
5.    What are the benefits of communism?
6.    Which system do you prefer?
7.    Which system does your country use?
8.    What do you know about the ideology of anarchism?
9.    Do you think a society could function without leadership?
10.    Do you think free-speech should be allowed?
11.    What do you think about equal rights?
12.    How much do you trust politicians in general?
13.    What do you think of your country’s leader?
14.    What problems can you find in your country’s political system?
15.    Is it acceptable to publicly criticise your government in your country?
16.    Do you believe the UN is bias towards richer countries?
17.    What do you think about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
18.    Do you think there’s much corruption in politics in your country?
19.    Do you see any positives to having a dictator?
20.    Do you think any communist countries have been successful?
21.    Do you think China is a real communist country?
22.    What are your feelings on North Korea?
23.    How do you feel about free-market trade?
24.    Do you believe privatisation is beneficial to the majority of people?

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