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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Money, Salary & Spending

This list of English conversation questions will help intermediate ESL students talk more freely about money, jobs, salaries, the rich & the poor.

You can also download the printable questions here.

Conversation Questions: Money
1.    How important is money in your life?
2.    Does money make the world go round?
3.    Why?
4.    How much money do you spend each day?
5.    What is the most expensive thing in your life?
6.    How much money do you need to be rich?
7.    Would you be happy if you were rich?
8.    What would you buy first if you won the lottery?
9.    What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
10.    Which jobs pay the best salary?
11.    Which countries are the most expensive to live in?
12.    How much money do you need to earn to live comfortably in your country?
13.    Does your country have a minimum wage?
14.    How much is it?
15.    Do you think Hollywood actors make too much money?
16.    Do you prefer to save money, or spend it?
17.    Do you give money to charity?
18.    If you saw money on the floor would you pick it up?
19.    What is the most amount of money you’ve found?
20.    Do you get pocket-money?
21.    Do you think you get enough money?
22.    Can you think of anything that you would never buy?
23.    How would you feel if you lost a lot of money?
24.    How do you feel about gambling?
25.    Do you worry about money?
26.    Are there lots of poor people in your country?
27.    Do you live in a rich country?

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