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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Making Friends, & Meeting Strangers

This list of English conversation questions will help intermediate ESL students talk more freely about friendship, relationships, and how they feel when they meet someone for the first time.

You can download the full list of ESL questions here.

Conversation Questions:  Making Friends, & Meeting Strangers
1.    How important are friends?
2.    Who is your best friend?
3.    Where did you meet your best friend?
4.    Why are you so close to him/her?
5.    What do you have in common?
6.    Do your parents like your friends?
7.    Do you think your friends are loyal?
8.    Do you go to your friends for advice?
9.    Is their advice helpful?
10.    Do you argue with your friends?
11.    What do you usually argue about?
12.    How do you help your friends?
13.    How do they help you?
14.    How do you relax with your friends?
15.    How often do you see them?
16.    Do you have any friends that are very different to you?
17.    Do you play sports with your friends?
18.    How long does it take for you to become friends with someone?
19.    How do you feel around strangers?
20.    Do you make friends easily with strangers?
21.    Do you have different groups of friends?
22.    When you meet someone for the first time, are you curious about them or scared?
23.    When you are older, do you think you’ll have the same friends?
24.    Why?

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