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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: House, Chores, Family, Furniture & Home

This list of ESL conversation questions will help students of English discuss their house, the furniture in it, their family and what chores they have to do. These questions are aimed at high-beginner to intermediate students.

The questions can be seen below and you can download the full question sheet here.

Conversation Questions:  House, chores, family & home
1.    Where do you live?
2.    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
3.    How many rooms are in your house?
4.    Do you live with other people?
5.    How many people live in your house?
6.    Who cleans your home?
7.    Who does the cooking?
8.    Do you like your house?
9.    Why?
10.    Do you have to share a room with anyone?
11.    Would you like to live in a bigger home?
12.    Where would you like to live?
13.    Do you have to do chores?
14.    Are you happy to do them?
15.    Do you enjoy spending time with your family at home?
16.    Do you eat together at dinner time?
17.    What does your living room look like?
18.    What does your bedroom look like?
19.    Would you like to change how it looks?
20.    How many TVs are in your house?
21.    How many computers are in your house?
22.    Would you like to live alone?
23.    How long have you lived in your house?
24.    Do you live close to your friends?
25.    Can you describe a traditional house from your country?
26.    Do you have a big kitchen?
27.    Do you have a garden?
28.    Would you like a garden?
29.    Would you like a big garden or a small garden?
30.    Who is the laziest person in your house?

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