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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Have you ever…?

This is a list of English conversation questions that will help the beginner ESL students drill the present perfect question form ‘Have you …?’

You can also download the question list here.

Conversation Questions: Have you…?

1.    Have you been to France?
2.    What was it like?
3.    Have you been to a zoo?
4.    What did you see?
5.    Have you eaten dog?
6.    What did it taste like?
7.    Have you drunk vodka?
8.    What did it taste like?
9.    Have you played cricket?
10.    Did you enjoy it?
11.    Have you seen Titanic?
12.    What did you think?
13.    Have you met a famous person?
14.    Who did you meet?
15.    Have you seen a ghost?
16.    What happened?
17.    Have you argued with your friend?
18.    What was the argument about?
19.    Have you read Harry Potter?
20.    Did you like it?
21.    Have you flown in an airplane?
22.    Did you like it?
23.    Have you seen a shooting star?
24.    Where were you?
25.    Have you had a fight?
26.    What happened?

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