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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Halloween

Here is a list of English conversation questions for the intermediate ESL student discussing Halloween.

You can also download the full printable list here.

Conversation Questions: Halloween
1.    Do you celebrate Halloween?
2.    Why do people celebrate it?
3.    Does it seem strange that people get dressed up?
4.    Do you wear a costume on Halloween?
5.    What costume would you wear if Halloween was tomorrow?
6.    What is the best costume you’ve seen?
7.    What does ‘trick or treat’ mean?
8.    Do you think it’s safe for children to go to strangers’ houses asking for candy?
9.    What is your favourite scary movie?
10.    Why?
11.    What happens in the movie?
12.    Do you believe in ghosts?
13.    Why?
14.    Do you believe in any mysterious beings?
15.    Why?
16.    What is your favourite candy?
17.    Why?
18.    Have you ever made a Halloween pumpkin?
19.    Do your parents like Halloween?
20.    Why?
21.    Is Halloween for kids or adults?
22.    Why?

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