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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Friends & Friendship

These English conversation questions will help the high-beginner to intermediate ESL student discuss friendship and describe the friends they have.

You can also download the full list of questions here.

Conversation Questions:  Friends & Friendship
1.    How important are friends to you?
2.    What’s the most important thing about having good friends?
3.    Do you prefer to have a big group or a small group of friends?
4.    Where do you go with your friends to relax?
5.    Do you argue with your friends?
6.    Why?
7.    Who is your best friend?
8.    Do you think you will have the same friends in 10 years?
9.    Would you like to make friends with anyone from a different country?
10.    Which country and why?
11.    What is the best thing your friends have done for you?
12.    Do your parents like your friends?
13.    What do you and your friends have in common?
14.    Where did you meet your best friend?
15.    What do you and your friends talk about?
16.    How often do you see your friends?
17.    What does your best friend look like?
18.    Is it normal to have friends the same age as you in your country?
19.    Do you have any close friends of the opposite sex?

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