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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Football (Soccer)

This list of English conversation questions will help ESL students practice talking about football (soccer)

You can also download the full list here.

Conversation Questions: Football (Soccer)

  1. Do you prefer to watch of play football?
  2. Who is your favourite team?
  3. Why do you support them?
  4. Who are your team’s biggest rivals?
  5. Do you go to many live matches?
  6. Who is your favourite player?
  7. Why?
  8. Who do you think the greatest footballer in the world is?
  9. What makes him great?
  10. What do you love about football?
  11. Why?
  12. What position would you play?
  13. Why?
  14. Which match was your most memorable?
  15. Why?
  16. What do you think of your national team?
  17. Why?
  18. What do you know about Pele?
  19. Have you ever been to a World Cup match?
  20. Do you play for a football team now?
  21. Do you play football games on the computer?
  22. Do you think footballers are paid too much?
  23. Why?
  24. Which league is the strongest in the world?
  25. Why?
  26. Which is the best team in the world?
  27. Why?

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