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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Feelings & Emotions

These English (ESL) conversation questions will help the students speak more freely about their feelings. There are a lot of emotion words in English. Through practicing these students can get the repetition necessary to deepen their understanding of feeling terms. The full list of conversation questions are below, and you can download the full ESL question sheet.

Conversation Questions: Feelings
1.    Can you name 7 different feelings in English?
2.    How do you feel when you go to school?
3.    Why?
4.    What makes you feel happy?
5.    Why?
6.    Who makes you feel happy?
7.    Why?
8.    What makes you feel angry?
9.    Why?
10.    What makes you feel sad?
11.    Why?
12.    Do you cry at sad movies?
13.    How does music make you feel?
14.    What job would make you really happy?
15.    What do you think ‘bliss’ means?
16.    What do you think ‘rage’ means?
17.    Are you a happy person?
18.    How do you feel when you do sport?
19.    When were you the happiest in your life?
20.    How do you feel during exam time?
21.    Why?
22.    Do you think rich people are happier than poor people?
23.    Why?
24.    Do you think good looking people are happier than uglier people?
25.    Why?
26.    How do you feel when you go on vacation?
27.    Why?
28.    How do you feel at Christmas time?
29.    Why?

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