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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Fame & Famous People

These English conversation questions will help intermediate ESL students discuss famous people, the desire to be famous, and the problems of fame.

You can download the full ESL question list here.

Conversation Questions: Famous People and Fame
1.    Who are the most famous people in your country?
2.    Why are they famous?
3.    Would you like to be famous?
4.    Why?
5.    What difficulties do famous people face?
6.    What are the benefits of being famous?
7.    It seems like some people will do anything to be famous. What do you think of these people?
8.    Which famous people do you dislike?
9.    Why?
10.    Which famous people do you like?
11.    Why?
12.    Which famous people do you think are attractive?
13.    Which famous people are important?
14.    Why?
15.    If you were famous, would you be shy or would you like the attention?
16.    Have you ever met a famous person?
17.    What happened?
18.    Who would you like to meet?
19.    Why?
20.    Which famous person do you admire most?
21.    Why?
22.    Who are your favorite Hollywood stars?
23.    Why?
24.    What do you think of the paparazzi?
25.    Why?
26.    Why is being famous so important to people?
27.    Do you think doctors should be famous since they have important jobs?
28.    Why?
29.    What do you think of autograph hunters?
30.    Why?

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