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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Do You Prefer…or…?

This list of English conversation questions will help beginner to intermediate ESL students learn the structure ‘Do you prefer… or…. ?

You can download the full question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Do you prefer…or…?

1.    Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?
2.    Do you prefer action movies or dramas? Why?
3.    Do you prefer chocolate or cheese? Why?
4.    Do you prefer tea or coffee? Why?
5.    Do you prefer rock music or pop? Why?
6.    Do you prefer hamburgers or pizza? Why?
7.    Do you prefer football or basketball? Why?
8.    Do you prefer science or P.E.? Why?
9.    Do you prefer reading or TV? Why?
10.    Do you prefer shoes or trainers? Why?
11.    Do you prefer documentaries or soap operas? Why?
12.    Do you prefer Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Why?
13.    Do you prefer flying or taking the train? Why?


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