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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Countries, Traveling & Vacation

As the world becomes smaller, travelling is becoming more and more common. Many students have dreams to see the world. These ESL conversation questions will allow them to discuss their desires and beliefs about different countries and travelling more fluently.

The questions can be found below or you can download the printable English conversation question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Countries, Traveling & Vacation
1.    Where have been on vacation?
2.    Have you ever visited a different country?
3.    Where did you go?
4.    Which countries would you like to visit?
5.    Why?
6.    Which countries would you not like to visit?
7.    Would you like to travel around the world?
8.    Could you live out of a backpack?
9.    Do you have to be brave to backpack?
10.    Would you like to live in a different country?
11.    Which country?
12.    Why?
13.    Do you think travelling helps a person become confident?
14.    What type of vacation do you enjoy? Skiing? Camping? Beach?
15.    Would you like to have a job where you travelled a lot?
16.    Which jobs involve a lot of travelling?
17.    Are there any languages you’d like to learn?
18.    What is the capital city of Spain?
19.    What stereotypes do you have about English people?
20.    What stereotypes do you have about Russians?
21.    Which country has the best food?
22.    Would you like to study in a different country?
23.    Which country? Why?
24.    Which country do you think is the most dangerous?
25.    Which country do you think is the safest?
26.    Which country experiences the most terrorism?
27.    Which country has the best weather?
28.    Would you like to see the seven wonders?

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