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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Christmas Holidays

These English conversation questions are ideally suited to ESL students who celebrate Christmas. They’re fairly basic questions aimed at the high-beginner to intermediate student.

The full list of conversation questions are below, and you can download the printable list here.

Conversation Questions: Christmas Holidays
1.    Do you celebrate Christmas?
2.    What do you normally do on Christmas day?
3.    Do you receive gifts?
4.    Do you buy gifts for others?
5.    Do you think it’s important to spend time with your family at Christmas?
6.    Why?
7.    Who do you usually see on Christmas day?
8.    Which Christmas movies do you like?
9.    Why?
10.    Do you know any Christmas songs?
11.    Do you go on vacation at Christmas?
12.    What is the weather like at Christmas in your country?
13.    Do you usually send Christmas cards to people?
14.    Do you like Christmas?
15.    Do you have a Christmas tree and decorations in your house?
16.    What is the most important thing about Christmas?
17.    Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?
18.    Do you think non-religious people should celebrate Christmas?

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