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English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Animals & Pets

This list of English conversation questions will help high-beginner to intermediate ESL students discuss animals, wildlife, extinction, & animal cruelty.

You can download the full printable list here.

Conversation Questions: Animals
1.    Which animals do you love?
2.    Why?
3.    Which animals are you afraid of?
4.    Why?
5.    What would be your perfect pet?
6.    Why?
7.    Are you allergic to any animals?
8.    What happens if you touch them?
9.    Has an animal ever attacked you?
10.    What happened?
11.    Would you like to work with animals?
12.    Why?
13.    How do you feel about people who are cruel to animals?
14.    Would you ever hurt an animal?
15.    Do you think we should protect animals that are almost extinct?
16.    Why?
17.    If humans don’t help pandas mate they will become extinct. Do you think we should help them?
18.    How do you feel about testing beauty products on animals?
19.    Some people eat dogs, how do you feel about that?
20.    Why?
21.    Do you watch wildlife documentaries on TV?
22.    Would you like to go on a safari?
23.    Why?
24.    How do you feel about hunting?
25.    Why?
26.    How do you feel about bull fighting?
27.    Why?
28.    Do you think animals are treated well in your country compared to other countries?

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