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English (ESL) Conversation Questions & Role Plays

This is an ever-growing list of topics where we have prepared a printable list of English conversation questions for beginners, Intermediate, and advanced ESL students.

The best way to search through the English conversation questions is to use the ‘find’ function in your browser and search for the keywords.

79 Conversation Questions

Conversation Questions teaching Introductions

What’s your favorite/least favorite ….?

Conversation Questions – Simple Past

Questions using ‘want’ and ‘would like to’

Questions using ‘when’

Questions using ‘where’

Questions using ‘who’

Questions using ‘which’

Conversation Questions – Using adverbs of fequency

ESL Questions – Hobbies, interests & likes

Conversation Questions – Expressing the Future – Will, Going to…

Conversation Questions – Simple Past

ESL Questions Expressing Wishes and Dreams

Teaching ‘did you find it…’, ‘how did you find x?’

ESL Discussing Music

English ESL Conversation Discussing Movies

ESL Conversation Questions Discussing TV

Questions Discussing Relationships

Discussing Sport and Exercise

ESL Conversations Food, Drink, Restaurants

Environment, Climate Change, Animal Cruelty

Conversation Questions about Seasons & Weather

English Questions Countries, Travelling & Vacation

English conversation questions Technology, Computers, ipods & Gadgets

Feelings and Emotions Question Sheet

Discussing Jobs, Careers & Universities

ESL – House, Family, Furniture & Chores

Discussing Mysteries (Ghosts, Aliens, Bigfoot & the Lochness Monster)

ESL Questions about Drinks

English Questions – Present Perfect

Conversation Questions – How long does it take…..?

Sleep, Dreams, and Dreaming

Intermediate Questions Discussing Stress

Advanced Questions Discussing Stress

Holidays – Christmas

Holidays – Halloween

Discussing Friends and Friendship

School life



Conversation Questions – Working, Jobs & Careers

Discussing Politics

Talking about Photography and Cameras

Discussing Computers, Computer Games, & the Internet.

Talking about Fashion and Shopping

Discussing War and Fighting

Making Friends and Meeting Strangers

Motivation and Staying Motivated

Inspiration and inspirational people

 Social Network Sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Fame and Famous People

Crime, Police, and Punishment

Studying & Study Methods

Animals and Wildlife

Insects and Bugs

Religion and Spiritualism


Equal Rights

Would you prefer to…?

Do you prefer x or y?

Present perfect – Have you…?

What would you do if….?

Superlatives (most, worst, best…)

Marriage and Family

Can you…?

Are/is…? – Are you../is your…/are your…?

Are You Good At…?

Do You Know How To…?

Do You…/Does Your…?

School & Parents’ Rules

What’s The Difference Between X and Y?

Would You Like To….?

Do You Want To…?

How Many…?

Health & Exercise

Charity & Volunteering

Culture & Cultural Differences

Football (Soccer)