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English Conversation Questions: Sport and Exercise

These English conversation questions are for intermediate ESL students who want to improve their ability to discuss sport and exercise.

The list of questions are below, or alternatively you can download the ESL question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Sport and Exercise
1.    Do you like sport?
2.    Why?
3.    How often do you exercise?
4.    Do you think P.E. at school is important?
5.    Why?
6.    Do you like soccer?
7.    Which team do you like?
8.    Do you play basketball?
9.    Have you ever watched cricket on TV?
10.    Do you think it looks fun?
11.    Do you ever watch sport on TV?
12.    Do your parents like sport?
13.    Do your friends like sport?
14.    Have you ever played sport for a team outside school?
15.    Have you ever been to a sport event?
16.    Would you like to go to the Olympics?
17.    What do you think is the most exciting event in the Olympics?
18.    Do you think it’s important for people to exercise regularly?
19.    Do you go to a gym or a health club?
20.    Can you swim well?
21.    Would you be happy if your children were good at sports?
22.    Do your parents think it’s important that you exercise?
23.    Do you do sports with your parents?
24.    Do you think fishing is a sport?
25.    What sport is your country good at?
26.    In the Olympics, which event is your country good at?
27.    Do you think boxing is too dangerous?

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