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English Conversation Questions: Inspiration and Being Inspired

This list of English conversation questions is for the intermediate ESL student wishing to discuss inspiration and inspirational figures.

The full list of English conversation questions are below and you can download the printable question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Inspiration
1.    Who is an inspirational person to you?
2.    Why?
3.    Would you like to inspire others?
4.    What could you inspire others to do?
5.    What is the difference between inspiration and motivation?
6.    Can you tell me of a time when you felt inspired?
7.    Who inspired you?
8.    How?
9.    What did you do after that?
10.    Sometimes people kill themselves in order to inspire others, like monks who set themselves on fire or people who starve themselves. What do you think about this?
11.    Who do you think is considered one of the most inspirational people in history?
12.    What type of act is inspirational?
13.    Many people say that we should learn to inspire ourselves instead of relying on others. What do you think?
14.    Do you find nature inspiring?
15.    Why?
16.    Do you find any religious figures inspiring?
17.    Why?
18.    What do you think about inspirational poetry? Do you know any?
19.    Has a book ever inspired you?
20.    Have people ever been inspired to do bad things? If so, what bad things?

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