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English Conversation Questions: Computers, Computer/video Games, & the internet

These English conversation questions are for intermediate ESL students who want to improve their ability to talk about computer related things..

You can download the printable question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Computers, Computer Games, the internet, and Video Games
1.    Do you own a computer?
2.    What type of computer is it?
3.    Are you good at using computers?
4.    How often do you use the internet?
5.    What sites do you visit most often?
6.    Do you find the internet useful?
7.    How often do you play computer/video games?
8.    Which games do you usually play on?
9.    Why do you like them?
10.    Do you play computer games with your friends?
11.    Which is better, xbox or playstation?
12.    Are you parents happy if you play on the computer?
13.    What computer would you love to buy?
14.    Have you ever completed a game?
15.    Which game are you best at?
16.    Which game do you find boring?
17.    What do you think of RPGs?
18.    Which games would you never play?
19.    Should you be allowed to play video games in school?
20.    Do you play games on your phone?
21.    What do you play?
22.    Have you ever played Angry Birds?
23.    What do you think of it?

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