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English Beginner Conversation Questions – Who

A list of English questions for beginner ESL students learning to question people using ‘who’. You can download and print the Question worksheet as a Word Doc.


  1. Who is your father?
  2. Who is your mother?
  3. Who is your grandfather?
  4. Who is your grandmother?
  5. Who is your cousin?
  6. Who is your best friend?
  7. Who is your sister?
  8. Who is your brother?
  9. Who is your hero?
  10. Who is scary?
  11. Who is funny?
  12. Who is interesting?
  13. Who is boring?
  14. Who is smart?
  15. Who is beautiful?
  16. Who is handsome?
  17. Who is your teacher?
  18. Who takes you to school?
  19. Who cooks the food at home?
  20. Who do you hate?
  21. Who do you like?
  22. Who is tall in your class?
  23. Who is the smallest in your class?
  24. Who is your favourite actor?
  25. Who is your favourite singer?
  26. Who is your favourite teacher?
  27. Who is kind to you?
  28. Who annoys you?
  29. Who makes you happy?
  30. Who is the president?
  31. Who is the Queen of England?

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