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English Beginner Conversation Questions – Where


A list of English questions for beginner ESL students learning to question people using ‘where’. You can download and print the Question worksheet as a Word Doc.


 1.   Where are you from?

2.    Where is your mother from?

3.    Where is your father from?

4.    Where do you live?

5.    Where is your school?

6.    Where do you want to visit on vacation?

7.    Where is the Eiffel tower?

8.    Where is Buckingham palace?

9.    Where is the Empire State building?

10.  Where is the Great Wall?

11.  Where is Argentina?

12.  Where is Madrid?

13.  Where is Seoul?

14.  Where is Manchester?

15.  Where is Rome?

16.  Where is Berlin?

17.  Where is Delhi?

18.  Where is Jakarta?

19.  Where is your jacket?

20.Where did you last go on vacation?

21.  Where are we now?

22.Where is the nearest cinema?

23.Where will you go tonight?

24.Where is your art classroom?

25.Where is your favorite teacher from?

26.Where is your favorite actor from?

27.Where is your favorite singer from?

28.Where is your favorite restaurant?

29.Where is your best friend now?

30.Where do your parents work?


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