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English Beginner Conversation Questions: When

A list of English questions for beginner ESL students learning to question people using ‘when’. You can download and print the Question worksheet as a Word Doc.

 1.     When is your birthday?

2.    When is your mother’s birthday?

3.    When is your father’s birthday?

4.    When is your best friend’s birthday?

5.    When is your favorite singer’s birthday?

6.    When do you go to school?

7.    When do you go to academy?

8.    When do you see your friends?

9.    When do you eat lunch?

10.  When do you watch TV?

11.  When do you exercise?

12.  When do you eat fast food?

13.  When did you go on vacation?

14.  When did you go to the cinema last?

15.  When did you last eat?

16.  When did you

17.  When is Christmas?

18.  When is Easter?

19.  When is Ramadan?

20.When is your parents’ anniversary?

21.  When does school start?

22.When will you go to the dentist?

23.When does summer start?

24.When does winter start?

25.When does fall start?

26.When does spring start?

27.When do you visit your grandparents?

28.When do your parents go food shopping?

29.When were you sick last time?

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