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Beginner/Intermediate ESL Conversation Questions – Simple Past

Making English questions in the simple past can sometimes be tricky for the ESL student. These questions, and the responses they require, will be a great help to the high-beginner to intermediate level English student. You’ll find the converdsation questions below, but you can also download the printable English question sheet here.

English Simple Past

1.    What did you do yesterday?
2.    Why did you do that?
3.    What did you do on Sunday?
4.    What did you do last week?
5.    What did you do in the last vacation?
6.    Why?
7.    What did you watch at the movies last time?
8.    What happened in the movie?
9.    What did you eat for breakfast?
10.    What did it taste like?
11.    Where did you go last night?
12.    What happened?
13.    Who did you see on Monday night?
14.    What did you do on your birthday?
15.    What gifts did you get?
16.    How did it make you feel?
17.    What grade did you get on your last English exam?
18.    What did your parents say to you?
19.    Which singers did you like when you were younger?
20.    Why did you like them?
21.    Which elementary school did you go to?
22.    What was it like?
23.    What do you think it was like to live in your country 100 years ago?
24.    What did people eat at that time?
25.    Can you describe your parents’ lives when they were your age?
26.    What music did they like?
27.    What food did they eat?
28.    What was their fashion like?
29.    Can you describe a day that you really enjoyed? What happened? Where did you go?
30.    Can you tell me what you did to prepare for your last exams?
31.    Can you tell me five things you did during the Christmas vacation?
32.    Can you tell me what nice things your friends did for you last year?
33.    Did you play computer games last week? Why? Why not?

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