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Beginner (English) ESL Role Play: In A Supermarket

Have your ESL students take turns playing the different roles in this beginner English role play in a supermarket.

You can also download the printable role play here.

Scenario one – Looking for something
Customer: Excuse me. Do you have any ____________?
Shop Assistant: Yes, they are next to the ________________. Do you know where that is?
Customer: Yes, I think so. Thanks!
Shop Assistant: No problem.

Scenario two – No stock
Customer: Excuse me. Do you have any ____________?
Shop Assistant: I’m not sure. I’ll go and check.
Customer: Thanks.
Shop assistant goes away and then returns
Shop Assistant: I’m sorry, we don’t have any.
Customer: No problem. Thanks anyway.
Shop Assistant: You’re welcome.

Scenario three – Returning an item
Customer: Hi! I’d like to return this/these ________________?
Shop Assistant: Okay, is there a problem with it?
Customer: Yes, it’s _________________
Shop Assistant: Would you like a refund or to exchange it with something else?
Customer: I’d like a refund please.
Shop Assistant: Okay, here is your refund. Sorry about the problem.
Customer: No problem. Thanks, bye!

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