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Beginner English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Which

These English conversation questions are for beginner ESL students who need practice using the questions word ‘which’.

You can download the printable question sheet here.

Conversation Questions: Which
1.    Which teacher helps you the most?
2.    Which teacher do you dislike?
3.    Why?
4.    Which subject is your favorite?
5.    Why?
6.    Which subject do you hate?
7.    Why?
8.    Which country is the richest?
9.    Which country would you like to visit?
10.    Why?
11.    Which sport do you like the most?
12.    Why?
13.    Which friend annoys you most?
14.    Why?
15.    Which drink is your favorite?
16.    Why?
17.    Which season do you like the most?
18.    Why?
19.    Which type of weather is the worst?
20.    Why
21.    Which university would you like to go to?
22.    Why?

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