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Beginner English Conversation Questions –Want & Would like to

In English we express our wants everyday, and we question others about their wants too. For the beginner ESL conversation student, it is important that they rehearse the question structure of ‘want’ questions, and the structure of the more formal ‘would like to’. As usual, you will see the list of questions below, and if you wish to download the ESL conversation question sheet you can do so here.

English Conversation Questions –Want & Would like to

1.    Where do you want to go on vacation next?
2.    Why do you want to go there?
3.    What do you want to eat for lunch/dinner?
4.    Why do you want to eat that?
5.    Which university would you like to go to?
6.    Why would you like to go there?
7.    What would you like to do right now?
8.    Why would you like to do that?
9.    Where would you like to go right now?
10.    Why would you go there?
11.    What food would you like to eat right now?
12.    Why would you like to eat that?
13.    What one thing would you like to change about yourself?
14.    Why do you want to change that?
15.    Which famous person would you like to meet?
16.    Why would you like to meet them?
17.    What gifts would you like to get for your birthday?
18.    Why do you want those?
19.    What gift would you like to give to your best friend for their birthday?
20.    Why do you want to give them that?
21.    Can you describe your perfect day? What would you like to do?
22.    Would you like to be famous?
23.    Why/Why not?
24.    Would you like to be rich?
25.    Why/why not?
26.    How old would you like to be when you get married?
27.    How many children would you like to have?
28.    Why would you like that many children?
29.    Would you like to live in the city or the countryside?
30.    Why?
31.    What movie do you want to see?
32.    Ideally, what time would you like school to finish?
33.    What album do you want to buy?
34.    Why do you want to buy that?

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