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Advanced English (ESL) Conversation Questions: Stress

These English conversation questions are geared more towards Advanced ESL students. They will help the students discuss stressors in their life, their coping mechanisms, how stress affects their life, and how other people experience stress.

The full list of conversation questions are below, or you can download them here.

Advanced ESL conversation Questions: Stress
1.    What are the main causes of stress in your life?
2.    How well do you handle stress?
3.    Do you have good coping mechanisms?
4.    What are they?
5.    Is stress an important part of life?
6.    Why?
7.    When do you feel most stressed?
8.    How can stress damage you physically?
9.    Do you think technology eases stress or brings stress on?
10.    What’s the difference between stress and anxiety?
11.    In what circumstances do you think stress is important?
12.    Do you know anyone who has suffered a nervous breakdown due to stress?
13.     What do you think the number one cause of is stress for most people?
14.    Most people feel very stressed about public speaking. How do you feel about this?
15.    Why?
16.    Do you think it’s your responsibility to help friends reduce stress?
17.    Why?
18.    Do you think religion reduces stress or causes it?
19.    Why?
20.    Do you think most married people feel stressed because of their spouse?
21.    What is more stressful, raising children or having a job?
22.    Do you think taking medication to reduce stress is a good idea?
23.    Why?

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